Wednesday, July 12, 2017

You don't eat meat? Correct!

Funny how people react when you tell them you don't eat meat... like it's the strangest thing they've ever heard. I was talking with a business friend last week, explaining to her that I'm basically vegan, and she said she couldn't imagine not eating meat. Really? Why not?

There's so much recent information on how 'not good for you' meat is, how damaging meat production is to the environment, and it goes without saying how awful it is for the animals involved, so my question is really this: Why would you choose to eat meat when there are so many other amazing foods to eat? 

I recently watched the movie 'What the Health', and was reminded again why I stopped eating meat several years ago. I had kinda slipped back into some old habits in the last couple of years, mainly for convenience, and this movie was the wake up call I needed to get back on track. 

That being said, yes, I have been negligent with this blog for a while, however, that is changing today. I will be focusing on helping you make gradual changes to your food choices, helping you transition to a plant-based food plan. If reducing meat and animal products in your diet is one of your goals, I will help you with real world information, things you can implement right away. 

I'm not a diet coach, or a doctor, but I do care about the food I stick in my mouth. I'm not perfect by any means, but I'm doing my best to make better choices on a daily basis, and I'm feeling better and losing weight. 

I will say that for me cheese and butter are the hardest things to give up on a vegan diet... I don't even miss the meat, seriously. I've lost my taste for it. But I'm always on the lookout for good non-animal substitutes, and I will post about the ones I really like. 

Thanks for hanging in there... we will get this dialed in again, and the blog updated with new posts and info.

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