Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Holy Grail!

It's not a shock that Fettuccine Alfredo is probably one of the most fattening things you can eat.  So for years I haven't even considered it an option (not to mention all the cheese and cream - yikes!) .  But at last there is a new product that is amazing, it's mung bean fettuccine noodles.  It has amazing texture and taste (Keith had no idea we weren't eating regular pasta) and at about $4.00 a bag we got several dinners out of it.  I made it with grilled mushrooms and peas and made a cauliflower vegan Alfredo sauce that was amazing!  You can get the sauce recipe here.  So you can finally add those classic pasta dished in with no guilt!  Tonight I'm making it again with homemade pesto, sun dried tomatoes, and pine nuts. Let me know your favorite recipe.


  1. Kendra this sounds amazing - seriously you found the Holy grail! Where did you find it? I'm thinking Whole Foods. Also - where's the recipe??

    1. Actually our WF didn't have it but I did find it at our Co-op. The cheapest price is for a 6 pack case that you can order on line at our store. The recipe link in my post should take you to the Alfredo sauce - and it is awesome!