Thursday, February 14, 2013

I promise.

I will work on me for you.  Let me repeat, I will work on me for you.  Have you ever thought of it that way?  Have you ever said "I care about you so much that I promise to make myself the best I can be in every way."  We tend to think of focusing on ourselves as selfish, especially in the busy and demanding lifestyle of today.  But did you ever stop to think of the incredible benefits of working on your self?  How much more would your family and friends enjoy and benefit from you if you take care of yourself?  Wouldn't your husband love to come home to a wife that is happy and told him about what a great day you had instead of complaining about everything wrong with you or why you can't do something?
That means never being sick, in pain, tired, depressed, overweight, or messed up in any way.  You at your best all the time!  How many events have you been to when all you think about is how bad you felt or how fat you looked - what a waste!  Just think what you could offer to your marriage, children, friends, etc.  We spend waaaay too much time with sick days, depressed days, or just overall not being 100%.  Granted perfection is not possible in this system but could we be better, a lot better?  Isn't it worth it, both in time and money, to be at your best all the time?  

So what does that mean?  Just like we have experienced, you have to prove it to yourself.  I've had friends ask me over the years to just tell them what or how they should eat or what supplements they should take.  Almost every time they will do it for a short time and then go back to their old habits.  If they don't take the time to learn and prove it to themselves it won't stick.  

So I'm asking you, why don't you take the time to make yourself better?  I'm going to be presenting some information that I have not only learned about but have taken the time to do it and see the results.  I love experimenting on myself first so I can be confident about what I'm telling you.  I encourage you to look into what I'm saying and feel free to challenge it or try it yourself.  As I've said before, I am all about results - period.  If you're still sick, fat, depressed, tired, or in pain you're doing something wrong!  So let's jump in!  


  1. Society's mentality is "this is who I am, and you're not gonna change me - take it or leave it". This concept you present is "radical" - constant change, ever-present flux, and progressive, deliberate self-improvement. LET'S DO IT! :)

  2. " Have you ever said "I care about you so much that I promise to make myself the best I can be in every way."....." This is a profound shift in thinking. I think sometimes I don't see myself as "worth the work" that it's going to take to get my whole health back to where it needs to be....but I definitely see Nick and the kiddos as worth that work! What an amazing perspective to adopt. Me likey ;) and I miss you.