Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Still on the Path!

It's been a long time friends. In fact this is my first post since moving back to California in May.  A lot has changed and evolved over the last few months (no worries - still meat free)! 

I have some serious health info you need to know, especially for anyone you know having health problems.  We've been on an amazing new way to eat!  But I have to warn you it's super indulgent, guilt free, and burns fat. Interested? Also some major time savers and tools that will turn your kitchen upside down.
Stay tuned for some posts that I think are serious game changers in time, diet, keeping that weight down, and best of all feeling happy and full of energy ALL the time!  Let's make this spring amazing!  

Oh and before I forget, along the way I'm probably going to challenge everything you currently know as reality.  Ready to walk with me for awhile?

P.S. Sending love to all my Berea friends during this sad time.  Take care of Linda for me.


  1. Finally! I can't wait for more of your words of wisdom.

  2. Yesssss!!! More than ready to drink the (Red) koolaid. ;)
    Love ya,