Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Dad and Penny enjoying the sun.
Have you ever been the one in charge of helping a family member after a health crisis?  If so, then you know what I'm talking about - not fun.  It's been almost a year since my dad had his stroke.  Don't worry he is fine, in fact he is out in the ministry almost every day and even riding his bicycle around the   property.  But it was quite a road to get him here.
When we found out about dad's stroke Keith and I both knew I was going to be the one to handle this.  I'm one of eight children (four of which were already living on the compound with mom & dad ) but you know it always falls on one and it was my turn especially since I was the health researcher of the family.  So Keith and I moved back to California from our beautiful Kentucky.
When dad got home from the hospital (which they did absolutely nothing for him other than confirm the stoke and feed him bad food) I had a plan.  First of all I immediately started giving him DMSO with a little fresh squeezed orange juice.  You can read more about DMSO for stroke here, which by the way it should be absolutely criminal that the medical industry as a whole ignores it's incredible power to heal but that's another thread for later.
Second, I had to make sure he was not going to take any of the medications the hospital tried to put him on, and I mean none!  For information on how dangerous pharmaceuticals are watch this amazing and short health video to see what you're really dealing with when you go to doctors or take prescriptions. 

You obviously have to make your own health decisions, but have you ever seen anyone get better once they start prescriptions, chemo, are any other toxic "treatments" they're pushing.  I really feel sorry when I hear family or friends talk about their health problems and how they blindly trust their doctors.  I know once they get on that standard medical treadmill their life is over, whether is be all the medication side effects or unnecessary and harmful surgeries.  You are literally going to pay with your life while they take your money and steal your health - wake up!!!

Now to my third point of action - diet and supplements.  I have written many posts over the years about diet and if you just scroll back a bit you'll quickly get the point.  So once I made sure dad was on his daily green smoothies and not eating all the junk he so badly wanted (sorry dad, that muffin just isn't worth it) I set about getting him on the perfect combo of supplements to get him healed as fast as possible.  I know most people would just go down to WalMart or GNC to get some vitamins and think all is good.  But not all supplements were created equal and some are just plain junk.  So I set about researching both on line and by giving them to dad and watching the results.

After spending literally hundreds of dollars and countless hours I'm amazed at the very simple place we've come to now with dad's supplements.  I would load up dad's little weekly pill container and have to remind, nag, and fight with him to take the hand fulls of pills twice a day, and he wasn't too thrilled about it either.  I also gave several liquid supplements a try and we were seeing some results.  He was improving, losing weight, eyesight getting better, and his hair was growing like crazy.

But I knew to keep this up I would have to find a simpler way.  That's when I came across this amazing video!  I strongly recommend you watch this and share it.  Yes, it's over two hours long but well worth the time invested.  It was this very powerful information on why we need all 90 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that led me to ordering  Beyond Tangy Tangerine for dad.  The results were amazing and very fast.  He is far more alert, confident, and way less emotional.  And it is not a hassle now, all dad does is mix the powder in water and he can even do it himself!  
Like I said earlier, I'm the one here in charge of dad's health.  We can all see the results but I wanted more proof that what I was doing for dad was the right decision.  I booked him an appointment with a local doctor who specializes in natural medicine to get dad a Zyto scan, you can check out where we went here.  If he was lacking in anything or if there was something I was missing the scan would show it.  Well the results are in!  Dad is great on all his levels and the only minor issue is he needs to get back on digestive enzymes (my bad) and crank up the omega 3 (my bad too).
So with a little adjusting I think Dad is on the right track with his diet and supplements.  Now if I can only get him to exercise!  I would say if you don't know where to start just order the Healthy Start Pack here and judge for yourself.  Yes, these products are not cheap.  But do you really want to take cheap vitamins or eat cheap food?  Remember - results are everything!

I am not trying to sell you anything, just trying to save you all the time and money I went through to come to this conclusion.  Let me also be clear, these supplements aren't the only ones in the world and I'm sure there are a few other good ones out there.  Do the research and prove it to yourself.  And please write us and tell us what you found and what your results are, good or bad, we can take it.

The more I research and learn I am convinced most if not all our health issues are the result of lacking minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.  We are a country that is over fed and under nourished.  Yes eating good is critical and cutting out all the processed junk pushed on us today is going to help, but you still need to supplement.  My next post will be a fun one - my new favorite kitchen stuff!  So stay tuned!

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