Thursday, April 19, 2012

Juicing, Day 2 - Why did I want to do this again?

As I drink my lunch of green juice, I am thinking of why I wanted to start a juice fast/feast. There are a lot of opinions of whether this is a healthy or safe process. Some people think you're crazy, some join in and support you. But why did I decide on and commit to this process?

One of the main reasons I wanted to do a juice feast/fast was to jump-start my weight loss again. I will say I think my diet is fairly healthy, vegetarian/borderline vegan with doses of raw. When my husband and I made this change from the SAD in 2009, I expected and hoped to lose a decent amount of weight. To be fair, I did lose 13# a few years ago, and my weight has only fluctuated a few pounds up and down from that point. But since I work (sit) in an office and have a very full schedule like most, exercise usually takes a back-burner to other matters. And I will admit, it gets discouraging when you try your best to eat healthy and lose weight and don't see results as you'd hoped to see. So I hope this process will help my body decide to lose some weight and then give me the motivation to make other positive changes to keep the ball rolling. Of course, my scale decided to quit working a week ago so I can't give any weight loss numbers yet, but I'll try to get a weigh-in by the end of this process to give you all an idea of how successful this was for me.

Another reason is my nose. It seems to always be sniffing, sneezing, running or blocked up. It's not my favorite body part by any stretch. Now I've dealt with allergies pretty much my whole life. Not that makes it any better of course, it's just part of my life. When I've been driven to the point of insanity by it and desperately want relief I've asked Kendra for help, she's always told me it's because my liver is backed up with toxins and I need to do a detox. But even after hearing that several times, I've continued to turn to my trusty allergy meds because they suppress the symptoms and get me through the day... until the spring of 2012. My allergies have been SO bad this year I decided I need to give my poor body some help. A detox via green juice seemed like a fairly straight-forward way to accomplish this. Unfortunately, it has to get worse before it gets better. So here I am, day 2 of the process and my poor abused nose is red and raw from many a Kleenex. But I will say it has improved from yesterday to today.

OK, I have to admit something about myself. I like the idea of flushing all the 'ick' out of my system. Once I know there is something gross or weird going on, I have to get it taken care of. I don't tolerate zits, ingrown hairs, stray eyebrows or any mysterious bumps or blemishes. I'm a picker, and I pick until it's gone. Usually I end up with a bloody spot on my body but at least the offender is pretty much gone by then. And I'm the "Eww, gross, let me see that" kind of person. My poor husband has suffered many preening sessions - against his will - because I just have to remove any unacceptable blemishes. So the idea of getting rid of toxic build-up in my liver and intestines and wherever else it may be lurking holds a strange fascination for me. So there, now you know I'm kinda weird.

So how am I feeling on day 2? Surprisingly, not hungry. I've been satisfied, but not full on green juice and lots of water, so I'm OK there. But as stated above, the nose continues to run, I've also experienced draining in my ears (gross, wonder what's in there?), itchy mouth, and itching on various parts of my body. As expected, I also have a decent headache which I am attributing to my abrupt end of daily coffee drinking. Doing OK overall and feeling good about the next few days!

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