Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adventures in Juicing

Wow, my first official post to the Veggie2Raw website. Although I have faithfully read all posts and even added a comment here or there, I have not felt the need to 'blog' until this morning. Today I started my first (big day for me with all these firsts) official juice feast/fast. I will for sure make it through 3 days but I'm hoping to hold out for 5, longer if possible... I have Kendra on speed dial for encouragement (she's like a drill sergeant) and advice, and I have Marti's beautiful Champion juicer on my kitchen counter. I have a good feeling about this, despite the rocky start I had this morning.

Last night I purchased lots of lovely organic produce in preparation for today. As a working woman, I only have so much time in the morning and I wanted to have everything on hand. This morning I walked towards the kitchen with 20 minutes for juicing and clean-up, feeling confident and sure. Now in my defense, I have used the Champion juice before, while at Marti's house with her right beside me. So I felt I could juice away with ease - big mistake. I wrestled with the juicer for about 10 minutes, trying to get all the parts in place to begin juicing. I began to panic as I watched the time tick away. After one last attempt and watching the little juicing screen spring across the kitchen, I quickly turned to my back-up plan - VitaMix. I have made juice with it in the past with the help of my husband, so I thought I still had time to get some delicious green juice to go. I quickly pulled my produce from the fridge, frantically began washing and some VERY rough chopping. I filled it up, turned it on and continued my prep work, confident that the VitaMix was happily making juice for me. Until I noticed it wasn't. The combination of too little liquid and big chunks of cucumber and romaine lettuce was going nowhere. So I made several attempts to shake the stuff loose and finally got 'the plunger' out to assist in the process. While I know the VitaMix was doing its best, my poor planning and bad chopping failed. I took the lid off (turned off, of course) and began hacking at those poor vegetables like a mad woman. I stabbed and hacked until I felt nothing could have survived, then switched it on again. SUCESS! The blending was beautiful. But by this time I had 2 minutes until I was supposed to be at my desk and I hadn't even strained the juice. I quickly got a mesh bag over a large container, secured it with a produce rubber band so it wouldn’t hang in the juice and started pouring. I quickly went back to more blending (with better chopping) as I was taking breakfast and lunch to work and needed 2 quarts of the green goodness. I was able to strain and squeeze the first quart out and get it into a jar without too much of a mess. I quickly re-secured my mesh bag for quart 2 and started pouring, feeling good, but I was already 5 minutes late by this point. A quick but not totally thorough clean-up was accomplished while I waited for the juice. But once that was done I had to speed up the process to get on the road. Doing my best to carefully remove the rubber band that precariously held a very full mesh bag over the hard won juice; I held my hands on the edge of the container to secure the mesh bag. And of course the rubber flew across the kitchen, creating a beautiful green rainbow of pulverized vegetable and fruit froth in its wake. Now I will say, my husband is tolerant of a lot of my food adventures but if he came home to find that, my juice feast/fast would quickly lose support. I squeezed and mushed that mesh bag with all my might, getting every bit of juice I could to fill that second quart jar. I closed it up and turned to the mess... 12 minutes late for work, by the way. I wiped up what green I could see in the wake of the rubber band, rinsed that wretched mesh bag and all other utensils and ran for the door. So not the ideal start to my day, or days of juicing, but I did eventually get to work with two quarts of juice and green cuticles. I am hoping for a much better start to tomorrow. I will keep you posted!

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