Monday, March 26, 2012

Moving Forward

It's been a long time since I have posted anything new.  We've had a lot of changes in the last few months.  Here on our blog we've said goodbye to a friend but look forward to adding others.  Keith and I have decided to move back to California this May.  A difficult decision, but it's just time to go back with new grandchildren and hopefully more opportunities to increase our ministry.  We will miss much about Kentucky.  We have been having one of the most beautiful springs ever.  The hills are filled with every shade of green and blossoms are everywhere!  

Onto the latest and greatest in our health and happiness plan.  Over the years somethings have remained our pillars; green smoothies, grounding, eating vegan (of course), spring water, vitamin D, green juice, fermented foods, and every one's favorite colon cleansing!  

Now for the new things we have added to our routine.  I have recently become very interested in EFT or Tapping as an incredible healing tool.  I have been amazed what it has done for us and look forward to learning even more.  It is amazing how much our brain can do to heal us and we all seem so have overlooked what power we have right now at our command.  I strongly urge everyone to research tapping and as they say "try it on everything".

I have also for the first time become serious about exercise.  Thanks to my friend Jenn she got me out last summer walking our neighborhood with its steep inclines.  It's so simple to think just walking out your door and getting you body moving is the most amazing habit for both mind and body.  Another exercise I am really loving is Sprint 8 or Peak 8 exercise plan.  Again really simple and only takes a few minutes a week with amazing results.

This is also the year I have given up all soaps and detergents in my personal care and beauty.  That means not using anything on my body that foams or lathers, including shampoo.  I learned a few months ago about washing your face with oil, yes I said oil.  The results are amazing!  When you stop forcing your face to make more and more oil to replace what you strip off with soap it starts to look great.  I always thought I had oily skin, I don't.  I always thought I would have to deal with blackheads forever and the occasional breakout, I don't.  In just a few days of using Sea Buckthorn oil on my face I was convinced I would never go back to soap.  A must try for everyone.  In my next update I will go into my adventures going "no poo" with my hair.

I have also discovered the fabulous Miracle Noodles and what a great weight loss tool they can be.  Maybe we can get Marti to give us and update on how she's using them and some recipes!

But I would have to say the biggest improvement has been just in my attitude.  I heard an amazing lecture from Kevin Trudeau (I know I know) on being positive.  Many of you have heard of the book or movie called "The Secret" and that's exactly what I thought he was going to cover.  But there is so much more to it, again our brains are amazing and we have no idea how much better we could be in creating good things in our life!  So after listening to that I began to make a conscience effort to make myself only think and speak positive thoughts, about everyone and everything.  It is truly amazing how much more love and enjoyment you get out of your day when you just stop all the destructive, negative energy we all do every day.

I hope to get back to regular updates and sharing all the good things we are enjoying!  So what new things have you added to your routine this year?

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  1. Hi Kendra!! Jenn and I are on our vegan journey right now ;P and I am realllllly needing to do a 'reset' and detox myself because I am having a hard time maintaining/motivating right now ;) Anyhow, so happy to 're-find' your blog and get some motivation :D I have used oil on my face (olive) for, gosh, 6,7? years now and I swear by it!!! haha I'm planning to go on a juice fast (short 5 days) after the C.A., and then back to my vegan roots :) I'm having a hard time with quick and easy recipes that I can manage on my long days...pio'ing is killing my food habits!! hahahahahaha Anyhow, that was a ramble...Jenn and I talk about you (good things) and miss you guys! I wish we'd spent more time together when you were here :(