Friday, August 26, 2011

Made it to and thru day 10 juicing

I made it through Wednesday juicing, but for now that was all I had in me. The last two days of juicing and exercising were wearing me out. So Wednesday evening through today I've still had 2qts of juice and/or smoothie and added in some fruits to snack on and dates as well for energy. Today I had my first salad and I will see shortly how that "sits" with my digestion. I'm trying not to act like a kid in a candy store, or should I say vegan at a Farmer's Market!! That's what I feel like, today I hit 3 produce stands. I have gobs of produce along with 3 huge cantaloupes and 2 watermelons, about 15 lbs of grapes, 50 lbs of tomatoes, and the list just goes on.. LOL!!!

One of my friends jumped back on board juicing and she is on day 5 today and is 6lbs down!! I will see her tomorrow and get more info on her progress then. I hope to resume full on juicing, but don't have an exact date (am expecting TOM soon and don't like juicing during TOM, personally, I just am tooo drained then). How about you, are you juicing or adding in juices? What's your favorite? Let me know..

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