Friday, August 26, 2011

Made it to and thru day 10 juicing

I made it through Wednesday juicing, but for now that was all I had in me. The last two days of juicing and exercising were wearing me out. So Wednesday evening through today I've still had 2qts of juice and/or smoothie and added in some fruits to snack on and dates as well for energy. Today I had my first salad and I will see shortly how that "sits" with my digestion. I'm trying not to act like a kid in a candy store, or should I say vegan at a Farmer's Market!! That's what I feel like, today I hit 3 produce stands. I have gobs of produce along with 3 huge cantaloupes and 2 watermelons, about 15 lbs of grapes, 50 lbs of tomatoes, and the list just goes on.. LOL!!!

One of my friends jumped back on board juicing and she is on day 5 today and is 6lbs down!! I will see her tomorrow and get more info on her progress then. I hope to resume full on juicing, but don't have an exact date (am expecting TOM soon and don't like juicing during TOM, personally, I just am tooo drained then). How about you, are you juicing or adding in juices? What's your favorite? Let me know..

Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm back from the dead

Hi All~
Sorry I've been MIA for a loooong time. Well, no beating around the bush..It was a looong, haaard winter, then the day after my children got out of school (end of May) we took off to the country of Panama for 6 weeks. Once we returned it was C.O., then sisters came from Minnesota for a week, then Convention, then school started back! Whew.. So here I am catching my breath from our whirlwind of a summer. Anyway...

I am currently juicing, am on day 8, and am feeling great. Before juicing (and upon return from Panama), I started working out at a Chiropractic office here by my house. I go 2-3 times a week and after just 3-4 weeks I could see soo much definition in my body. Then I decided to look into the routine we were doing and found that the chiro is implementing moves from P90X and Insanity. So I got the videos of Insanity (that's mainly what we are doing) and have started the 2 month/60 day program. It IS Insane!! (if you know what it is, you KNOW what I'm talking about:) Anyway, I am 14 days into the specific Insanity program, and my body is changing sooo much. I highly recommend this workout if you don't have a bad back or knees, etc..

Now about being vegan and working out.. One day while I was at Whole Foods in July, as I had just been curious about being Vegan and working out so rigorously..I stumbled upon the book THRIVE by Brandon Frazier who is a vegan triathlete. Now I'm not looking to be a marathon runner or a triathlete, I just wanted some direction on what to be conscious of to stay nourished and super healthy while working out. Meaning, I didn't want to be sabotaging my progress by not eating the right things after working out and such. (have you seen at your local 'Whole Foods' grocer -or such- the products/powders by the brand name 'Vega'? that's Brandon's line..) Anyhow, I won't go there, but his book Thrive is PERFECT for vegan gym junkies or couch potatoes, and everything in between to have a well balanced, nutritious, delicious, fun Thriving diet!

Moving on. So naturally I can't leave well enough alone, so I decided that I wanted to juice AND workout. As of yet I haven't come across a book that merges the two perfectly, so here is what I came up with to do.. 2 green juices a day, 1 sweet juice, 1 recovery drink (after working out), and 1 "raw meal" (it's a type of powdered drink by Garden of Life) drink a day (an hour and a half after working out, and all these juices are pint size). Wonderfully enough I have had sustained energy, my detox wasn't anything like what it's been each time of juicing before, and my stamina in ALL things has greatly increased. I can't say enough about how well I feel physically and mentally. All I can say is, wish I would have done it sooner!!

About juicing.. Like I mentioned before, I am on day 8 and my original goal was 10 days, now I'm thinking 21 days (ending Sept. 4th). If I can continue sustained juicing and intensely working out for 13 more days, then that's what I will do. I will keep you posted. I have been enjoying as my green juice, 1 cuke, 1 heart of romaine, 3-4 celery stalks, 1 lemon, and 1 apple. I like the mix, it's just right! For my sweet I've changed it up a few times (got a recipe from my mother-in-law, ex, who after watching "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" with her husband, they bought a Breville Ikon and embarked on a juice fast/feast, they are on day 12 of 30, will talk about this more in a different post another time), but a juice she recommends is a 1/2 inch to inch of ginger (peeled) with 2 golden delicious apples over ice. She says it tastes like sherbet, I don't know, it just tastes plain good to me:). Also I may do plain cantaloupe or watermelon juice (don't forget to drink watermelon juice within a few hours of juicing it or it WILL be nasty!). Too, I like 2 handfuls of organic grapes with one apple, that's always a winner! So is orange and grapefruit, but I've yet to have that as it's not on-sale here now and watermelon and cantaloupe is sooo abundant right now, here.

Well I don't mean to go on forever.. I hope this email has helped someone in someway. I will write more later tonight or tomorrow. I'm going to soak up a few minutes in the sun while I do some studying, then workout.. Yay!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Raw 'live fries' made from jicama!

12 Steps to Raw Foods: How to End Your Dependency on Cooked Food Found this book by Victoria Boutenko at an awesome 2nd hand bookstore last week and made the Live Fries on page 231. OK, so they're raw, and not potato fries, but they were actually pretty good. I also added garlic powder and some pepper, and we dipped them in organic ketchup, and they kinda taste like French fries... I said kinda. Anyway, this is actually a good finger food, and yes I would make it again. The recipe is very easy and quick to make.

Everyday Raw  Found this book at the same store last week, and there's a recipe for rosemary-garlic mashed potatoes made from jicama and cashews that I want to try tonight, along with portobello steaks, that are 'cooked' in a dehydrator for 1-2 hours. I will let you know how it all tastes. This book is very pretty inside, lots of pictures, nice paper, and the front cover shows a wrap made from mangos and young coconut meat that's been dehydrated. Looks very interesting.

Lots of cool recipes in this book, the only problem is that some of them take DAYS to make in the dehydrator. So if I know I want raw blueberry pancakes on Friday morning, I need to start the process today. Not sure I can hang with that, but hardcore raw foodists will have no problem. It takes time to prepare foods that are replacements for familiar cooked foods, and create ways to add flavor and texture without destroying or minimizing the benefits of eating raw foods.

Eating raw is not easy, especially if you want to go beyond sliced fruits & veggies, salads and nuts. Gourmet raw food is out there, and I'm always looking for new recipes to try out on Fred. Here's the Raw Gourmet for one.

My goal is to learn the process and slowly add more raw foods into my daily diet, and not try to overwhelm myself in the process. I don't have hours to spend in the kitchen every day preparing healthy meals, but I'm taking small steps and slowly making changes, heading in the general direction towards raw.