Friday, June 10, 2011

It's all the same disease!

I was recently reading a medical report that said doctors are having a hard time diagnosing all the diseases people have today because so many of the symptoms are the same in each condition.

Here's a news flash - they are all the same disease!
I know people claim to have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, even MS, etc. But seriously, do you really think you just happened to catch or develop these diseases? Isn't it amazing that everyone I know that has fibromyalgia also has chronic fatigue and is very over weight? What a coincidence!

Or is the answer more likely that their fat choked, fiber-less, sugar filled diet is causing their bodies to express these symptoms that doctor's like to make sound like some exotic and mysterious diseases!? Think about it, did you just happen to be unfortunate enough to get all these illnesses like they fell out of the sky on poor innocent you? I've even had people tell me their baby has acid reflux because they have it! Really! Could it be that your babies poor little body is just reacting in the body's natural way to protect itself from the chemical soup you call "formula" that you fed them in fluoride water and a toxic plastic bottle?

The answer is always the same - stop eating processed garbage and try some fruits and veggies! And no, eating one apple this week isn't enough! Once you really switch to a plant based diet you will watch most, if not all, of your symptoms disappear.

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