Monday, April 4, 2011

The Return of a Healthy Habit

As I've mentioned before I tend to cycle through things, although my rock solid daily habits don't change. One of the very first things I learned when I began trying to take control of my health was also one of the weirdest, the practice of oil pulling.

Now I know many of you have never even heard of this and neither had I but I cannot say enough about it. When I first read about it I thought "I am not doing that, it sounds ridiculous!" but for some reason I knew it would help. The idea is very simple, take a couple tablespoons of sunflower oil in your mouth and swish it around like mouth wash and then spit it out.

When you do this the oil becomes foamy and white, full of bacteria and all kinds of nasty junk in our mouth. After you do this for a few minutes just spit out the oil and brush your teeth like normal (except never use toothpaste!) Here is a great link to the oil pulling site that gives a lot more detail and explains exactly why this work.

When Keith and I first began doing this we noticed amazing results right away. First my teeth felt really strong and all cold and hot sensitivity went away. I've always had problems with a couple of my teeth with spots that just didn't feel right, in fact I was sure I would eventually have problems
with them. Now all that has cleared up, and no more bleeding gums. It has
made my teeth whiter and breath better, not to mention just the over all
great clean feeling that stays all day.

If that isn't enough reason to do it, my sinuses have also completely cleared
up and I can breath clear all the time now. So with spring allergies coming
on, now is a great time to make this part of your daily routine. And the oil
really doesn't have a bad taste, after a few days you won't even notice it.

So as I said this is the return of a good habit, yes I had quit doing it for quite
a while and don't even know why. But now that I have started again I
can't imagine my mornings without my oil!

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