Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kale chips

One of my favorite things to make is kale chips in my convection oven, on the dehydrator setting.

In a food processor, mix garlic, olive oil, a red pepper, cashews or other nuts, and spices. Break up the kale into small pieces, coat it with the mixture, spread them out on a cookie sheet and dehydrate until done to desired crispness. I use a Silpat so nothing sticks to the cookie sheet. I flip the chips over after 8-10 hours to help speed up the process. I do mine at 118 degrees.

Here's another tip: taste the kale with the coating on it, and if it tastes good to you before you dehydrate it, it will taste good when it's done.

There are several recipes floating around on the web, so find one you love.

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