Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Favorite Things

As the end of the year approaches I thought I would do a list of products, foods, information, and routines that really work for me and have brought the most results. I have had an interesting year as far as learning new health musts (sauerkraut!) as well as really getting into a daily routine that has allowed me to get through the year without getting sick and keeping my weight within 2lbs.
So with that let me start with a couple of products that I am loving. First is my sleep grounding sheet. I know you have probably never heard of this but I strongly recommend you look into the practice of Earthing. It is amazing how much the human body needs the ground just to function, and in today's world none of us are functioning so we need all the help we can get. Next is my little Wal Mart mini trampoline. That's right, so simple and inexpensive, but when used for just a few minutes a day you get huge results so try it.
This was the year I really and completely eliminated all sugar - wow what a difference! If you haven't already read Sugar Blues I suggest you put that on your to-do list and really learn the horrible health consequences of the innocent looking sugar. It has probably damaged and ended more lives that any other single food in the world. It needs to be eliminated from your life immediately.
Now for foods I have craved, lived on, and loved all year. A few months ago I wrote about the health benefits of making raw sauerkraut. I can't recommend it enough, it has become part of our daily meals. You can research it at or look up Donna Gates. Everyday I am so thankful that I learned about green smoothies, they were the start and reason for all my health success. I also have perfected the veggie sandwich, I know sounds simple but what an amazing way to keep eating raw most of the day. And where would I be if I hadn't learned about the amazing cashew cheese? Added to some steamed broccoli and you have the perfect meal! I have also discovered Royal Jelly, just a little bit gives your body so much.
On to supplements, or make that the few I have found to be really important. First is vitamin D, we all need more of it, A LOT more of it. Get out in the sunshine ( I know it's December) or get a good quality liquid supplement. Of course we need our B-12 so get that too. Another critical one is daily digestive enzymes, help your body out and take one with every meal. Your body will thank you. If you're looking for a boost both for your detox and mental well being add Niacin to your daily plan. It has to be the real one that will cause the flush, it's not that bad and you'll sleep great.
We have had an amazing year gathering fresh spring water every week. It is so important to have a good water source, it really is the foundation for your health. Don't put it off, get and stick with a good water source. Never drink tap water!
Now onto everyone's favorite subject, colon cleansing. The effects of making coffee enemas a part of your weekly routine cannot be overstated. It is life changing. I know you think it's unnecessary or that your body is functioning just fine, but let me assure you it is worth the time and effort. Once you see how fast your body gets into shape and so many of your health problems disappearing you will make it part of your life. You will literally watch your body and face get younger once you clean all that junk out and your poor liver can start working properly.
Make this the year you stop using toothpaste. You heard me, toothpaste is incredibly damaging not only to your teeth but to your health in general. Make a simple paste out of baking soda and grapefruit seed extract. It will take a little getting used to but you'll never go back to nasty pastes!
Another huge fact this year is not having TV! That's right, we shut off cable and went without. You won't believe how calming it is to have that irritating propaganda machine out of your life. Take time to read (especially daily Bible reading), think, or just be quiet. Try it, there's nothing good on TV anyway.
These are the things that I enjoy and rely on to keep me healthy and at the weight I want to be. How about you? Let me know what works or what doesn't as we try to stay healthy in a diseased world. Make this the year you take charge of your health and body and finally get some control! If you don't you have a life of doctors, pills, and misery ahead. I would love to hear from you! What's your plan this year?

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