Monday, November 15, 2010

Updated Goals:

Hello all... After much consideration I have decided to update/upgrade my current goals..

I never got a response from anyone wanting to join me for the 3-day juice.. So I've decided to shift gears, and for the next two weeks I will alternate between smoothie (or juice) and water. So starting tomorrow I will take in only water, then the next day smoothies only (or juice), the next day water, and so on.. You get the picture. I will keep you posted, of course:)

Also, on the days I do smoothies/juice I will take my daily dose of wheatgrass, but on my water days I won't take the wheatgrass but will likely take vitamin C to aid in detoxing. I will try to do a daily enema to assist my body in releasing toxins too. Also, I am taking some homeopathics and will keep that up throughout these two weeks. (I realized last Friday that I still have A LOT of work to do on my poor body :)

So there you have it, "My Plan of Action". I'm trying to get my head in the game, and keep it there! My short term goal is still to be 120 lbs by the end of December, and hopefully with much LESS toxins!

Oh, and the picture up top is of me, the same month I met my husband in 2006 (April). This is the girl I want to be again, at least in size:) especially with that smile!! -excuse the hair, it's pulled back all funny..

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