Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sticking to THE PLAN

So since Monday I have been 100% raw. I have included wheat grass into my routine, as well as maca, goji berries, bee pollen and flax.. I have exercised each day.. And I have tried to stay at 1200 calories or less.. Oh, too, no nuts or seeds (only temporarily) and I haven't eaten after 7pm.

My daily routine is I begin with wheat grass. Then I make my smoothie with all the SuperFood yummies mentioned above. I only make 1 qt, and I put it in two pint jars. I don't drink one right away. Instead I drink nearly a qt of water first. Then when I feel hungry I drink my smoothie. If that doesn't satisfy me, which it typically does, then I eat an apple or banana. For lunch I do the same thing unless I make a salad. Then I drink my smoothie and eat some salad. Then for dinner I eat more salad. Sometimes I start with an apple then shortly after eat the salad. If I've got any smoothie left over I may finish it around 7pm.

Well I hadn't lost any weight since my water fast, but I wasn't going to let that discourage me! (Which is unusual for me.) I resolved that what I am doing for my body and health, raw foods/exercise/superfoods, is the BEST or pinnacle of things I could be doing for my body, and that soon my body would realize it and get on board. Now I have a confession.. Over the past year of trying to regain my health, the ONLY way I could get weight OFF was thru juicing or water fasting.. So that means, when I was not feasting or fasting I was not eating optimally, and I confess I was not doing much, if any, exercise at all. There, it's out in the open.

So yesterday I stepped on the scale, again, and to my surprise I had lost 1#. So this is a REAL accomplishment for me.. to lose weight by eating right!! And yet again, this morning I got on the scale and another pound had been "released". As Jenna in SuperCharge Me mentions, a friend told her at her Raw Retreat to not say you "lost" x-amount of pounds because you might "find" them again. Instead you have Released them. So since being Raw I have released 2#s. And I physically feel better. Trying to work on the mental as well..

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