Thursday, November 11, 2010

Putting Thursday on the Map!

Hahaha yeah right. Today wasn't truly profound. Unless you call a productive enema profound, then Yes, today was a Great Success! :)

I've been committed to smoothies, salads and wheatgrass - and Zumba (I HATE exercising, but LOVE Zumba! It's actually fun). I haven't had dates in a few days, I just haven't had the desire. So all is well, however as the IMPATIENT person I am, I don't like the slow creeping weight decrease. I like the nearly a pound a day decrease.. So I'm really toying with the idea of juicing 3 days a week. Like Mon, Tues, Wed. I think that would suite me well. Maybe even mix in a day of water fasting here and there.

Does anyone want to join me this coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to juice? Or even just one of those days? A simple juice is Grapefruit (best with pink) and Orange. Or Grapes (red tastes the best to me), Apple and Water. Or you could go with veggies, and the internet has tons of recipes for that. Too I have several books that have all sorts of veggie juices in it that I could share with you if you'd like. Please let me know:)

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