Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Self-Encouragement

Today has been my Water Day and it has gone well. I haven't drank as much water as intended, I have been occupied with tending to the needs of my sick kidlets. Two of them have been home with me from school the past two days with fever and other symptoms. Hopefully tomorrow they will be on the mend.

I posted another picture that I had dug out from on my computer of me obviously much thinner. This was at the beginning of Chris and I dating (we are going on 4 years of marriage-this Fri). I posted it to continue my encouragement. I hope to soon post a current picture of me looking that thin. I still regret not having a scale at the time this picture was taken, because I have no idea what I weighted. I am figuring though that I will know what is right for my body once I get there..

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