Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Confessions of A Food Addict

Okay, I pick the color green to type with today because I feel more green than purple:)

Nothing really revolutionary to say today, I'm just keeping up the pace of Smoothies, Salads and Wheatgrass as my daily regimen (oh, and tons of water, must not forget that!). Also, when I do feel a little naughty, I have a pitted date or two. It always does the trick to cure my desire for "something else" (guess that's my "transition" food). Too, still doing Zumba daily (the dance/exercise that is hitting the infomercials hardcore).

Oh, one thing I would like to mention..is.. sigh.. Okay.
Do you have food addictions? Likely you will say no. If you readily say yes and this is the first time you've ever thought about it, I am sincerely impressed. See, I really never noticed how addicted I was to food. And truly, if you are overweight, surely it is an addiction for you too. I was once thin too, and there seems to be a gap in my thinking.. I remember myself thin, now I'm not.. How did I get here? It seems like all I did was eat food like everybody else. Three times a day, sometimes only two, yeah I snacked occasionally.. I just didn't get it. Even after my juice feast I didn't think I was a "food addict". At the Raw Food seminar (Matt and Angela Monarch's) I bought Angela's book Raw Emotions. I didn't realize it dealt with food addictions. Really, I bought it and every time I picked it up I couldn't relate so I never made it past the first few pages. Here I am nearly a year later, with several juicing experiences behind me, and all the yo-yo-ing, I finally came to the true realization that I AM ADDICTED. Simple truth.. hard to deal with. Once I went without the daily foods I was used to eating, totally switching gears, I saw what I desired. So if it has any chemicals, preservatives, complex carbs, sugar, etc.. and I thought I wanted it/needed it/couldn't think about anything else til I had it-once IT popped into my mind..yeah, I was addicted :( I never realized because I had what I wanted when I wanted it, even if I thought it was "healthy".

So what is my crave?? Sugar and Carbs.. I guess it comes with the territory of being raised in a Fast Food Nation. Having food at my fingertips.. even late in the day/night, which I KNOW is the worst because it just sits in my body, doing nothing except for making me FAT! So I had to get serious with myself. Picture where I wanted to be with my body, what I wanted it to look like, really thinking of how I would feel in that body, how I would move, and how it would boost my self-esteem to tackle my weight issue and be in control of all my actions and choices.

Well, I thought this wasn't going to be an interesting post, but it turned out I have divulged my truths to you. I guess that's part of this process too :) For what it's worth, I hope this can help someone..

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