Friday, November 5, 2010

Been a "Good Girl"

This week I have thoroughly stuck to "The Plan". No eating seeds/nuts, only fresh (and where possible only organic) fruits and veggies (such as smoothies), along with superfoods and wheatgrass. My skin looks really smooth and the coloring is nice (not bragging, just saying).

I have cut myself off from eating after 7, the only thing I have done is finished a smoothie once at 8pm, I also took digestive enzymes to help with that. Speaking of digestive enzymes, based on what Angela Stokes-Monarch (raw food guru, motivationalist, enthusiast) suggested, I have decided to take the enzymes on an empty stomach. And since in the morning on an empty stomach I drink the wheatgrass, I decided at night to take the enzymes. That way it can help break up and eat up old matter in the colon/intestines if I have much of that left.. Either way, it increases the eating up of fatty tissue too, if I read that correctly.. So that sums me up for now.

This weekend I will be SUPER busy and likely not be able to get online. Kendra and I are heading to TN for a day and will be back home Sunday evening. I tried to find a Raw Restaurant in Chattanooga..but currently there aren't any. They do have two vegan restaurants, but they aren't open on Sunday's :( I will likely post on Sunday to tell how my weekend away from home went- raw. I am, of course planning ahead and taking my blender and the goodies mentioned in the first paragraph.. That way I'm not at other peoples mercy.. goes~

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