Monday, November 15, 2010

Alfalfa's Restaurant

Saturday we took our children to a college football game, afterwards we went to Alfalfa in Lexington, KY. My husband and I have been there a few times over the past year without our children. So we didn't know how they would respond to the food and such. Long story short, it was wonderful!! Alfalfa makes their own rye bread daily, and they bring that out instead of white flour biscuits (awesome), and to our great surprise they loved it. They kept going on about how much they liked it! I was very pleased. Then they easily found something to eat on the menu and enjoyed that as well. {Too we had one of our children's friends with us that is a super picky eater, doesn't even like jelly or peanut butter!! :) and she couldn't stop saying how much she loved it too.} And for me, I picked the house salad, which was fabulous. It consisted of shredded cabbage- purple and green, carrot, cukes, tomato, bell pepper, sprouts and sunflower seeds. I liked it so much I tried to re-create it yesterday:) Mine isn't perfect, but I really like it a lot! {It's hard to find a "good salad" at a restaurant, so I was highly impressed. Even my hubby tried it and liked it. Said next time we go there that he will order the salad too.}

If you have read my previous posts you will notice I vowed not to eat seeds/nuts for the rest of November.. So I am "busted" :) . My salad had sunflower seeds, and too, last night we entertained some friends. While entertaining I got a craving for something sweet so I made a raw treat out of the book RAWvolution. It too called for nuts, almonds. It was soo rich that we all just had an ounce of the chocolaty yum yum. Everyone ate theirs with a gram cracker, I kept mine raw.. So I am proud of myself, and not mad that I ate nuts. Well, that was my weekend. Will power is HIGH:)

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