Wednesday, November 3, 2010

4 Days of Wheat Grass!!

WoW!!! I guess I really never knew all the wonders of wheat grass. I hope you have already eaten breakfast...and too, if you have a weak stomach, I suggest you move onto the next paragraph without reading this one any farther! ...are they gone?..good.. Okay. I don't know exactly what's going on with me/my body..I must research wheat grass further.. But last Saturday while at Whole Foods picking up some yums, I grabbed digestive enzymes and some raw powdered wheat grass. And what a favor it has done to my body. I have..brace yourself.. pooed and pooed and pooed and pooed and pooed and (surely you get the point)...till my tush is sore ;( I know it's a good thing that the grass is binding up with my toxins and getting them out, but my hiney just doesn't understand that "no pain, no gain". Hahahahaha can look again.. So I received SuperCharge Me yesterday and I got the chance to watch it last night. And amazingly my husband watched it with me. He usually does watch documentaries with me, I just didn't expect him to watch that one since Jenna goes raw for 30 days. And my hubby, tho he's veggie-vegan, and has done so thru being slightly educated, he still talks nonsense at times. Stuff you hear SAD-dieters to say, not veggie-vegan. Anyway, we went straight to bed, but I'm dying to hear if that made any kind of sense to him?! He's seen me do much of what was talked about. Me following Raw guru's, doing juicing, enemas and colonics, etc.. so it wasn't totally knew to him, but now he can see the results of those on that path, and the ethics and logic of being raw. We're simply "getting back to nature" is I believe how David Wolfe put it in the video (minus dehydrators, juicers, blenders:). Simply eating food in it's natural, unadulterated state. YUMM!!


  1. Hi Valora - what brand of wheat grass did you buy? I searched on-line and, as usual, there are several touting themselves as THE BEST wheat grass. Point in the right direction please!

  2. Great Question. The one I purchased is called Amazing Grass. I picked it because it is Raw since you get top quality that way. It's the (organic, gluten free & raw) Wheatgrass Powder by Amazing Grass. I got it at Whole Foods, plus they had samples out and I was able to stomach it:) I looked the company up online and here is the link: Too the price on there is what I paid at Whole Foods.. (Although I noticed yesterday when I was in WF that it's on sale this week for $5 off.. Ah, that's just the way the raw food bar crumbles..)
    Oh, and I take a small glass jar that has a lid, put about 2 oz of organic apple juice in it along with a scoop of the wheatgrass, then cap it and shake it of course. This way works the best for me.. Using a fork to stir it in a cup just doesn't get the chunks out..