Thursday, October 28, 2010

Amanda~ this one is for you ;)

Wow, it's already NEXT Thursday from the last time I posted. I'm sorry about that.
Here is my mess... sigh...

Last Thursday and Friday I was extreeeeemly lethargic. I may have painted it not-so-bad on this blog..but by Friday afternoon I HAD enough. So...I ate an apple to start the breaking of my fast. In hindsight I wasn't truly mentally prepared for being sooooo tired. I mean my bones were tired if that makes any sense. And I knew Saturday was going to be a long day with my oldest daughter. So I guess I talked myself out of fasting.

Anyhow.. when I woke Saturday morning I was re-charged to fast again. So Sunday I "watered" and by Tuesday was done again. All-in-all I lost 12 lbs, and have kept it off. I have been resolved to stay "Raw" and so far so good. I am a click away from purchasing the documentary titled "Supercharge Me", which is like the opposite of Morgan Spurlocks "Super Size Me". (Which I've never seen Super Size scars me and grosses me out. So maybe I should see it and watch it with my family:) Anyhow, Jenna Norwood hosts Supercharge Me. She decided (how, I can't remember) to go Raw (vegan) for 30 days. In that time she was re-charged and released 15 lbs. I am unsure if she did colonics, enemas, a cleanse or what. But I am super interested in watching it to keep me going. I am feeling great!!

Oh, about enemas and colonics.. I did 2 colonics during my fast. One actually was after I started back eating Friday, then my appointment was Saturday. I thought because I was eating that it wouldn't be very successful. MUCH to my suprise!! it was VERY successful. Too, I remembered while I laid on her colonic bed..that Most people get colonics while still eating, and that fabulous benefits are received from that.

Long story short (hahaha-impossible with me), I will be going with Kendra tomorrow for an hour of a deep tissue massage, then to my colonic appointment after that. So I am totally excited about my day tomorrow, and I will post how that goes tomorrow.

Lastly, I have been making several of RawDawg Rory's raw eats. I know his name sounds gangsta-ish, but he is everything but that. I will do a huge post for him, hopefully tonight. If not soon. It is the BEST $14 I've EVER spent!! Will tell you more later. My children are demanding my attention:)


  1. Thanks for responding to the demands from your 'public'! I'm not ready to do any fasting yet, but you inspired me to get back on track and start really watching my diet again.

  2. Thanks for your post Amanda. It makes me feel good to hear that what I go thru can inspire one person. Thank you:)