Monday, October 18, 2010

One day down.. Nine to go

Today was successful.. I drank at least 3 quarts of water and was very mentally focused. I feel okay.. a slight headache off and on all afternoon/evening, with a fever sensation. Though I know I am not running a fever, just toxins burning off.

I am reading the book "The Miracle of Fasting" by Braggs and found it to be very helpful. He totally focuses on water fasting and has/had a fascinating fasting regimen. Fasting one day each week, and 4 times a year doing a 7-10 day fast as well. I like that. Also, he isn't big on breakfast and too he believes you should "earn" your food and "earn" your sleep. Hmmm... So exercise of the morning, earning your meal. (It makes sense. We lead sedentary lives, so the calories we eat are just "sitting there" waiting to be used.. They build up over time and we become fat. That's me.)

Off to bed for now. Today went very well. (oh..and though I mentally prepared for a 10 day water fast, I would like to try for 14 days.. I will see where my body wants to go.)

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