Monday, October 4, 2010

My Latest Obsession - Cultured Vegetables

Let me start by saying I used to hate sauerkraut, that is until I learned about real raw sauerkraut. I have to admit I am slow getting on the fermented foods plan even though I have read about all the benefits of fermenting for years. I would read about all the amazing enzymes and
probiotics in raw fermented veggies but would still think that it was gross and would taste terrible. So I have ignored this critical piece of the health puzzle until now.

Most of us are critically low on digestive flora due to our terrible diets, use of antibiotics, or just never had them built up properly in the first place. So we spend our lives with less than optimal digestion and wonder why we aren't getting better or we just think it's normal to feel bloated and full all the time. The fact that one of the most critical functions of our body, the ability to properly digest our food, is a huge part of our overall health. It could be the very cause of many if not all our health problems.

A healthy gut is critical, if our plumbing doesn't work then everything backs up. Just think of your kitchen sink. If it backs up does it matter how many vegetable and supplements you throw in there? No, they all just float around until you get the plumbing going again. Our bodies plumbing needs attention and our bad diets, poor drinking water, and countless harmful contaminates make it almost come to a standstill. To tell the truth, I'm amazed some people are still alive and functioning considering all the obvious signs their body is in serious trouble.

But back to the fermented veggies, I love them!! I have been reading the Body Ecology Diet book by Donna Gates which really emphasises the need to get the gut bacteria built up to reclaim your health. While I don't agree with everything in the book, (like her use of milk and animal protein) she does a good job finally explaining how important the gut is in our health.

This is a picture of my very first batch of raw cultured sauerkraut that I made with just shredded cabbage and 1 packet of Donna Gates culture starter. It was so easy and I just used a $6 jar I bought with a clamping seal lid. It tastes fabulous and was fairly inexpensive considering 1 15 oz. jar of raw sauerkraut at Whole Foods is $12! I plan on making raw cultured veggies a part of each day and will keep you updated on any changes I notice.

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