Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dun dun dun...

It's always something drastic when I post. Yes, it is time to take cleansing to a new level.

I have mentally, physically and emotionally prepared (as well as one can) for a deep cleanse I will be starting this Monday, Oct 18th. I will be doing a water fast for 10 days minimum. I have been preparing for quite a while by doing research, eating high raw, and discussing it with my family so they will know what to expect.

To aid myself during this time I have scheduled 4 colonics. Three during the cleanse and one two days after I start back on juices/smoothies/raw foods. I am super excited!! Kendra and I are also trying to get an appointment with a deep tissue massage therapist during the cleanse. I can't say how thrilled I am to be doing this cleanse the exact way it should be done. I just hope all goes according to planned because you know how life is.. un-plannable, truly.

I am going to post a wedding picture on here. This was a very happy time of my life, other than for the obvious reason! It was because I was thin, didn't worry about my weight, and was virtually carefree. And too, I defied the odds, and will again!! What odds you might ask..? The one of having 4 children and not carrying around those "extra 10 lbs per child" :) Even then I was thin on the SAD diet. So what's stopping me now?? ME!! When I got married 4 years ago I put on "happy fat" and became addicted to food and sugar. Embarrassing to say out loud, fortunately I just have to type it. And so I've spent the last 3 years trying to combat it, yet have only had success once going vegan this past year. I am still trying to become more raw. With the help and encouragement (finally:) from my hubby, after this deep cleanse I believe I will be on the right track. Either way, it's MY choice or fault.
I will keep you posted on my life-changing journey.

In the picture I was about 120. I don't know exactly because like I said I wasn't concerned with my weight. I weighed what I weighed, and I felt GREAT.

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  1. Wow Valora - you're a hot bride!