Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Awaited Comment

It's always something with me.. ask Kendra.. either my computer is giving me issues or my phone is dead. Me and technology are NOT friends. hahaha

Anyway, the past several days, well since I ended my fast, I have stayed Raw or as close to it as possible. I have had steamed Kale 3 times and once sauted peppers and onions. I have kept my weight off from the fast, however I am NOT going down in weight... Trust me, that's not on purpose.

So I have decided to set another GOAL for myself that I think will assist me in losing the rest of the weight.. Actual these goals are a work in progress as I am doing more research and adding to it. I am re-glancing thru some books I have from Raw foodists to see what I can improve on. So my current goals are:

Zumba for breakfast:) -do the fun Zumba workout first thing of the morning
Superfood Smoothie for breakfast (not eat until exercised, if time doesn't permit exercising then not eat until 30 mins after waking)
Eat Dinner before 6pm, and only water after dinner

I think this is a great start! I really want to eliminate all nuts and seeds from my diet until I am at my desired weight. Okay, I don't really want to eliminate them, I just want to lose my excess weight and I think nuts/seeds are hindering me. Trust me, this won't be easy:) So I will tell you the day I am nut free:) Today isn't that day...

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