Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3 Down..

I didn't write yesterday because I simply forgot. But yesterday, Day 2, went smoothly. I had a slight weird-head-feeling-thing going on of the morning, but it cleared up when I started to move around and drink some water. I drank 3 qts of water and peed tons!!. So all-in-all it was a good day. I even was able to maintain my daily duties, which was unexpected. I was however, excited and nervous about how today would turn out. (Every bit of info on water fasting says the 3rd day is a doosey, being that the toxins are the most stirred up that day, and from experience..I know. I usually gave up on day 3.) IS the 3rd day and it went optimally. I worked for a friend today and thought I would be going out of my skin with detox.. but I wasn't..? (So it has me concerned that tomorrow might actually be hard on me..I will let you know how it turns out.) Anyhow, after the job I had a colonic scheduled (my first one this go round) and it went WONDERFULLY!! It took a while but eventually I kept releasing tons and tons of dark to neon yellowish, and at times greenish, liquids. I dumped like that at least 4 times! My professional colonic lady said it was my pancreas and kidneys releasing toxins. Yeah!!

Hands down I would recommend to anyone and everyone that if you truly want to do a deep cleanse, water is the way to go!! I am sooo excited to continue on this journey and see where it takes me after 10 (to 14) days on water with 4 colonics (plus now a deep-tissue massage next Friday- thanks Kendra:). I can't wait to really feel clean and in control after this cleanse. I WILL keep you posted!

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