Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who are you listening to?

In all my health reading one of the most important statements I've come across is this simple truth- Do not take health advice from someone who is not healthy themselves.
That's it, plain and simple. Do not listen to your smoking doctor, fat friend, or sickly relatives!
I don't care how many books they've read or how many Dr. Oz shows they've watched or how many vitamins they take each day. If they can't take care of their own health they certainly can not advise you on yours. A lot of people like to claim they're informed or tell you what has worked for them. But take a good look at them, are they overweight, is their skin clear and bright, do they have energy, do they still take prescriptions? If they don't have their own bodies under control then they aren't really informed or just don't care and are certainly not in a position to help anyone else. Would you want to take health advice from someone who is not up to caring for their own body?
Of course in this system there is no such thing as perfect health and we are all subject to the toxins in our environment. But I'm not talking about the occasional head ache, this is about some one's long term health condition. And if someone tells you how they once lost a lot of weight on some diet but have managed to put it all back on, the "diet" is a joke. This isn't about a short term diet or some magic supplement that will instantly fix you. Good health is a way of life, there are no short cuts period. You can not sit there eating McDonald's and tell me "oh I never eat like this" or "we always eat healthy at home" right...
You have to decide your health is worth the extra effort and yes buying good quality food does cost more than the dollar value menu. But you will pay one way or another, either now with a little extra time and money or later with your health and energy.
So stop paying your unhealthy doctor who tells you to take this pill or that eating vegan is unrealistic. He wants you as a long term source of income, he is not interested in you getting well and trust me, all his other patients are still sick and fat too. Stop running around looking for some "expert" who will figure out all your problems. Your problem is simple - you are what you eat.

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