Monday, April 5, 2010

Begining of Week 3

This is day 15 and I and Dottie are doing wonderfully, Juicing!! She is down 16#s and I am down 9! So we are thrilled and feeling good. We are juicing until May 8th, and I will try to keep you guys posted a bit between now and then. I guess that's all for now. Just wanted to check in and say we are still going strong!! Too, we are motivated because we are going on vacation (to Gulf Shores, AL, May 15th) so we are excited!! Can't wait for my hubby to see the new me (or..old me, since I was around 120 when we met~ poor guy). Will keep you posted!! ~

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  1. Wow, Valora, can I just say I *REALLY appreciate you taking the time to swing by today and talk with me. The information you have given me is really exciting and I am fascinated by what I read! I feel super duper motivated (which is HUGE for me, since I'm a lazy slob bwa hahaa) I am even going to have Nick do before/after pics for me and help me measure so I can keep track as you have! Thanks girl, love ya.