Friday, March 19, 2010


Hello All~
Time to start thinking about gardening:) Yay! I've been doing some reading on designing a garden (mapping it out), planting- which veggies to start indoors or sow directly into the ground, also harvesting, and freezing vs. canning. It's been fun. (The only dilemma is that we are trying to buy a house and it may interfere with getting our vegetation in the ground the first week of May.. we are diligently working on this..)
Also, since Spring has nearly is time to be thinking about juicing again:) Dottie is wanting to start back juicing, this time with the initial goal being 50 days. Since I am interested in doing the same, I will be joining her as well. We start in two days.. This Sunday!! So I will be monitoring my weight loss, try to keep track of my inches.. and perhaps my hair growth again. So this will be interesting to see where my body takes me after another juice fast/feast. I think back to the fact that you go "back in time" with your body and illnesses so many years for each day of juicing. That is exciting, I can't wait to be an embryo again:) hahah.. Well issues I was dealing with 6 months ago are either healed or healing and it is great to continue on the path to health. I will be including Psyllium and Bentonite in my regimine to help continue to cleanse my intestinal track and too several liver/gallblader cleanses. (Thanks Red:) Ok, I will keep you posted.. Happy Juicing~

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