Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I take it back! Get a good grain mill...

OK, so in a post shown below, I stated that you can use your VitaMix to grind wheat berries and grains, which you can, however, I've since discovered that the way the blades are oriented in the VitaMix, it pushes the grains down instead of up and away from the blades, creating a lot of heat and compacting the flour. I've heard on the 'residential' line of VitaMix machines that they do have a 'dry' container that can be used for grinding dry grains, etc., that works fine, but they don't have one for the 'commercial' line of drink mixers, which is what I have...

So, we've decided that we are going to get the WonderMill grinder, so I will keep you posted on how well we like it.

We've made muffin tops and whole grain pasta by grinding wheat berries with the VitaMix, however, the grain is not quite fine enough for my liking, and it was really difficult to get the pasta to work, so we're making the change.

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