Friday, February 12, 2010

Live bread class in Sequim tomorrow...

Fred and I will be taking a 'live' bread class tomorrow... exciting stuff!

Unfortunately any bread, cookies, pasta, cakes, etc. produced commercially with flour, except Ezekiel bread products that are frozen, are essentially DEAD, I'm sorry to tell you, and here's why:

Once wheat berries or other grains are ground, they must be used or frozen within 72 hours to retain any of the nutrients in them. That's why flours you buy in the stores are so bad for you, as they were ground who knows when, and have been sitting on shelves for who knows how long, so there's very little or no nutrition left in them, just empty calories and oxidized waste.

Ideally, you want to grind just enough flour to use immediately for bread, crackers, tortillas or pasta. Back in Bible times, flour was ground every day or every other day and baked right away, so they got all of the nutrients and fiber in their bread and cakes. Makes sense...

So I will post some of the stuff we learned, and give you tips on making your own 'live' bread and goodies, even cookies! :)

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