Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Me Valora:)

Hello All~
I am trying to get my current picture posted on here, but to no avail:( I am leaving for FL this evening and so I won't be able to try again for a week. I have an amazing before and after pic to show you all!!
The short of it all, in September last year I weighed 176!! And after two long-juice feasts I am ended on 133!! It looks like I can easily maintain 135 after this last juice, but I am wanting to further cleanse in the near future. My goal has been and remains to be 120 (okay, when I was much bigger, I likely was imagining 130's :) I am very pleased with my weight loss success and shedding the extra person that was hiding the real me. So here I am, 40+ pounds lighter and feeling like a new woman.
I'll get the pictures posted soon. Until then... ~Valora

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