Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Viruses, Bacteria, Pathogens...Oh My!

Hello All~
Wow! This past week has been a medical experiment on myself and two of my children. (Please don't judge me:)
Have you heard of MMS? Yeah, I hadn't either until about 2 or more months ago at a small seminar where Matt and Angela Monarch were giving a discourse. Matt discussed MMS and also made available a free brochure on it. Either way, after he discussed the uses for it, my friends and I that were there ALL bought a bottle. So, like a lot of things that seem awesome at the time of purchase, it sat in my cupboard patiently waiting to cure my family of pathogens since then.
So here we are, to last Thursday. My son was diagnosed with Strep throat while at his Dad's house and I asked his Dad if I could keep him and nurse him back to health. He agreed. That night it was late and on my way to my son a light bulb went off and I realized I HAVE MMS and I recalled reading it cure Strep too, as one of its MANY benefits! So I immediately gave him a dose when we got home, as well as my 11 year old since she was bad sick, and then myself and my other two girls, just-in-case. Anyhow, long story short, since my son (while at his dad's) was diagnosed with Strep and was prescribed antibiotics- that I didn't fill (this is the part where you gasp and call me a bad Mom), I decided to have my son go to the Doctor yesterday and see if he was still testing positive for Strep. Drum roll please.... (I'm sure you know where I am going with this)...he tested negative! That is only after 7 doses (four days). Yes I am keeping him on it to follow the whole protocol, but I have been amazed!!
Too, MMS has been lengthily researched and used in other countries and you can find that info out just by google-ing it. MMS stands for Miracle Mineral Solution, and tho it seems to be a miracle, it is actually scientifically sound. You can read the creators free ebook by simply google-ing the product, or go to
http://www.mmshealthy4life.com/ directly. And if you read it, you will be moved at how much this man loves people and wants to help them for free. His solution, which he gives the make-up of it FREE in his FREE ebook to any wanting to make it themselves-which is simple, has cured over 75,000 with Malaria. Also his solution eliminates Pathogens..what kinds you ask? Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa, Fungi, Protein (like mad-cow and Jakob disease), and Parasite Pathogens. And not just Some from each category of pathogens, ALL of them!Please, for a comprehensive list go to his site, or too Matt and Angela's store and look it up. You will be amazed! ~In the U.S. the MMS has only been here for about a year. (You know how pharmaceuticals are about the easy and natural non-FDA approved stuff that WORKS!! They won't let it out to the public!! ..I digress..)
Okay., I may have cut that short:) but I really need to move on.
I have engaged in a 8-week juice feast, rather fast this time, starting today. I have eaten lightly the past few days and have already lost a few pounds. After my major juice feast in the summer-fall of last year I have bounced up and down from 145-155 (I know, no good). So now I am more determined then ever to get the remaining 25lbs (or so) off my frame. That is what I weighed merely 3 years ago when I got married!! So I am excited about feeling that good about myself again. So here's to more juicing!! Any joiners? Even if you are wanting to replace just ONE meal a day with juice? Let me know:) I'm here for you!!

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