Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Detox...

Here I am, 2 gallbladder/liver flushes down. No more gallbladder pain and even better weight loss :)
As you read in my last post how this whole gallstone thing began I wanted to update you on the results. After I got home from the ER (fun), I got online to research gallstones and how to naturally flush those babies out. Of course the ER doctor said I would need to have my gallbladder out and offered no other options - wrong! In fact, after reading about how important our gallbladder is and how the removal of it does not even fix the problem, I am definitely keeping mine! Most people don't even know gallstones are made in the liver and are directly affected by your diet and can be flushed out.
Moving on, I found a book on how to do this whole flush thing, The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz which my ever eager friend Valora ran to the store to get for me :) After reading up on the process I was ready for action! Valora even joined me in the flush and also had amazing results.
It's about a 6 day process but only one day you really have to be home and close to the bathroom. I really hate drinking Epsom salt water, but surprisingly the olive oil & grapefruit was not that bad. Anyway, the results were unbelievable. Literally dozens of bright green stones about the size of a marble and alot of green sand? There was no pain with the flush, just one day of gross stuff and the pain was gone. I could not believe how many stones I had, and they were exaclty as the book describes. I can't believe I was living with those clogging up my liver!
While I did not enjoy the whole gallstone attack at all, in a way I'm glad it happened. I now have been forced to learn more about my body and the whole digestive process than I ever wanted to know. But it has brought about some good changes and opened up a whole new side of my health awareness, who knew the liver did so much!? My next post I will discuss how we mess up our digestion and how important maintaing our immune system is. So don't be afraid, try the gallstone cleanse and bring your liver back from the dead!

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