Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Rally Has Begun:)

Good Morning All~
As you know, who have been reading this, Kendra, Dottie and I have started (as of Monday) juicing for breakfast and lunch, and are having a salad for dinner. We are doing this for 30 days, and maybe longer, because this is truly how we want to eat.

Since starting this on Monday I can tell my demeanor is changing back to being as it was when juicing, to a degree. Which is great because when I stopped juicing, well after a few days of eating, I felt heavy and unhappy:( and am still coming out of that funk.

Anyhow, yesterday my oldest daughter helped make dinner. Yea!! She made her and her siblings a salad and she also made a vegan chocolate mousse. 24 oz of tofu (firm or extra), 1/3c of honey, 1/3c of cocoa powder (we used cacao powder- takes the same), 12 oz vegan chocolate chips (we used carob and it was just the same) and 1tsp pure vanilla extract (we forgot to add this and it was still kid approved). You can melt the chips a little (not in a microwave! :) Put the tofu in the blender and blend til smooth. Then add the rest and blend again. Best tho if you refrigerate for 1-2 hours. It thickens and sets up more. But there's nothing wrong with licking the carafe:) Enjoy!

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