Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mystery Neighbor Reviled :)

For anyone who didn't look at the comments under the last post I posted, my neighbor Kara told us of her blood test results. So I thought I'd post her comments here:

My numbers didn't really alarm me, but I knew they weren't in the range that I wanted them. I also have been monitoring my CBC since I am somewhat detoxing and still breastfeeding. My cholesterol overall went from 180 to 153, by HDL went from 47 to 45, my LDL went from 114 to 85. I think, however, the LDL is seen as too low. (is this for SAD folks only? Or AMA guidelines?) Does anyone know enough about that to explain? Also, my calcium is awesome, no concern there or any of my other numbers. My hemoglobin/ hematocrit numbers (blood iron) are all normal (in the upper area of suggested ranges even.) My thyroid is still requiring what I think of as pretty intensive support, (animal based thyroid replenishment. There goes pure vegan for me, but I refuse to use the synthetic support. Sighs.) but we'll see how it feels during, and post juicing. . . . ~Kara

Awesome news. You too can have great results like her and me and Dottie. They may be slower if you're not straight juicing, but nonetheless they are results!! And that is what we are looking for, is it not?! :) So please, post any questions you may have or concerns, and we'll try to address them or encourage you. TTFN!

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