Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monday is THE Day~

Okay..It's long over due.. Kendra, Dottie and I have made a pack. Starting tomorrow, we are going to juice for breakfast and lunch, and eat salads for dinner. There. It's that simple. Now time for the discipline. So a lot of prayers towards self control will be happening:) Our fist mile marker is for 30 days. But truly, only a slight variation from this is how we'd like to eat afterwards. Kendra is more there than Dottie and I already, but she has been vegetarian for nearly 2 years (or 2 1/2) and vegan for almost a year and about 90% raw for the past several months, for the most part. Dottie and I came nearly from the SAD diet to juicing, we tried going vegetarian but ultimately we came from SAD:(

Also, we did make another goal for ourselves, and anyone who wants to join in, please do so. You know how we read the Bible regularly now, breaking down the verses and topics and such, which is slow going.. Kendra learned from a friend (a couple actually) headed to Gilead this week that they were asked to read the Bible in its entirety in 3 months. Yeah, awesome and WoW, right. Well Kendra thought "I can do that" and has thus invited as many friends to join that she could get a hold of today:) So again, starting tomorrow, we are going to start reading the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. We calculated it out and that is 17 pages a day (17.16 in the deluxe Bible and 16. 6 in the reference Bible), but if you can read more in a day, that would be good too:) Anyway, the excitement is up. It truly is nice to have goals. Especially spiritual ones! Love to all~

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