Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tips from Matt & Angela

Angela and Matt were in Louisville, KY yesterday at the Preservation Center hosted by Dr. Steve Hoffman of Core Wellness. It was very encouraging and inspiring! O, that's me and my oldest Zoe (Katherine) in the picture with them. Thanks Matt and Angela for being so kind to us..answering our questions and taking this picture with us. Now all my children want to meet you guys:) Maybe next time you're in KY.

Fascinating was the fact that Matt didn't try to push people to go 100% raw, especially overnight. He did encourage a more whole foods, grains, veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds as a healthy alternative. He also encouraged going raw, 80-100%, but that no matter the choice you made towards better health it must be something you are willing to marry. Meaning it is a lifestyle and long-term commitment, one that you will stick with for your life to truly constantly reap the benefits of it.

So why eat more (or only) raw foods? Many say because of the living enzymes, which isn't wrong, but check out what Matt said. "The #1 reason is because of the foods that you actually eliminate from your diet that damage you and obstruct the body." So very true, isn't it?!

About Raw Combining. This is a hot subject for me! I thought he would give us a big spill on it but truly, it is as simple a one would expect. In moderation, all raw foods are okay. With cooked foods though, never eat fruit with cooked foods EVER.

Okay, one of Angela's great points about skin care products, etc.. Never put anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth! and Don't eat anything that doesn't rot.

Chew our food sloooowwwlyyyyyy. That resonates with me. Angela mentioned food is just another thing we "have to do" in our day. So do we really take the time to enjoy our food, be thankful for our food. Or do we just gobble it down? Guilty.. She said she used to eat like that and Matt would give her chopsticks since she couldn't use them and that would slow her down, even gave her a baby spoon. So I think I am going to do the same with my family and see how it goes. She reminded us that our stomach doesn't have teeth, so if we swallow chunks of food our stomach and bodies has to exert more energy to digest it, instead of giving us that energy! What a rip off. So to help our bodies out, we must chew our food completely, and better yet, til it is a liquid consistency. Makes sense, no?

Also too, and probably the most important, SLOW DOWN and enjoy the earth that we were given to take care of. Appreciate it and the one who Created it. Don't let a day go by without getting out in the fresh air, even touching the ground with our feet, or hugging a tree (you laughing yet).

Okay, a few site were mentioned to check out, and they are:

I hope this information has been helpful to some. Maybe they'll be coming to a town near you soon. Check them out on their website

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