Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Been a Week

Sorry it's been a while. I have been extremely busy this past week. Our congregation had the privilege of hosting the D.O. and C.O. and then Friday was pioneer meeting and the weekend was our Assembly.. whew! It has been a great week. Good reminders and time to set more personal spiritual goals:)

On a non spiritual note, Dottie and I are seriously considering juicing again. Actually, the way Dottie talked she may have started today. She wants to juice for at least a few days. I am interested in juicing for several weeks, and I think Dottie will do that too with support. We haven't had meat or cheese, so surely that's why the pounds haven't flew back on, but we are eating something cooked/processed almost daily (cooked- like veggies or beans, processed- like a tortilla). Those foods weigh the body down, use up our energy to break the food down, since it has to be made into liquid for the body to use think of how hard it is for the body to make dead, dry food into a liquid. Not good.

I'd say we don't regret coming off the juice to "see for ourselves" what we would be like/feel like. And it is just as everyone has said that we had read about, cooked foods just don't cut it. Our bodies are crying out for live foods. And too I think our bodies weren't done getting rid of waste. I am still detoxing out of my skin (face and back) and my intestines.. So I've learned some personal good lessons while off the juice. Be more prepared (mentally and having more greens on hand for salads and smoothies), only eat live foods, and truly listen to my body. Not just the thought.. "I am hungry", but listen to what my body thinks is helping it, not weighing it down. Also, I want to re-read (more thoroughly) the book The Detox Diet, she informs the aspiring raw foodist what foods are "quick exit" foods, and good and bad food combinations. This is very important to me.

I will keep you posted. I am officially 5 pounds heavier than when I stopped juicing. I am not being controlled by my weight (the gaining of a couple of expected pounds when ending the juicing), but I am highly concerned about the way that I FEEL. I don't feel light and good and healthy. I feel lethargic and tired and heavy. See. No good. My goal is to start juicing either this weekend or Monday. I will let you know.

Oh, great news. You may remember my neighbor, I mentioned her before on here. She is the one who did smoothies daily for a month, vegan for breakfast and lunch, and vegetarian for dinner. She lost 14 pounds in one month, but more importantly, she had blood work down shortly ago and was alarmed at the numbers. She called me this weekend to tell me that after several weeks of smoothies and eating this way (which keep in mind she was already vegetarian before this, so to me that says something great about eating mainly vegan and incorporating smoothies into you routine), her numbers are DOWN. She is going to give me the first reading and then last weeks so I can post it on here. Also, the other good news is she is going to juice for 2 weeks starting the end of this week. Will also keep you posted on her journey.


  1. Hi, I know Marti, although we haven't really talked about this she did lend me her "EATING" DVD. It's definitely an eye opener as I have mentioned to her. I'm excited to keep abreast of what is going on with you and you blog. Thanks for the updates.


  2. My numbers didn't really alarm me, but I knew they weren't in the range that I wanted them. I also have been monitoring my CBC since I am somewhat detoxing and still breastfeeding. My cholesterol overall went from 180 to 153, by HDL went from 47 to 45, my LDL went from 114 to 85. I think, however, the LDL is seen as too low. (is this for SAD folks only? Or AMA guidelines?) Does anyone know enough about that to explain?

    Also, my calcium is awesome, no concern there or any of my other numbers. My hemoglobin/ hematocrit numbers (blood iron) are all normal (in the upper area of suggested ranges even.) My thyroid is still requiring what I think of as pretty intensive support, (animal based thyroid replenishment. There goes pure vegan for me, but I refuse to use the synthetic support. Sighs.) but we'll see how it feels during, and post juicing. . . .