Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 3~ back on the juice:)

Monday was day 1, so this is day 3:)
Kendra has a Hurom on it's way, so she will be leaving the salads behind as soon as it arrives. Remember, starting last week we all (Kendra, Dottie and I) were doing juices til dinner, then salad for dinner (modified juice feast). As of Monday I have been liquid for all meals, but eating an apple or banana when hungry instead of Totally Cheating, and Kendra is going to drop salads as soon as the juicer comes in, and today Dottie is back on the juice! I have already dropped 2 pounds and my encouragement is back up, too the taste of the juice is so delightfully smooth, I love it. I feel like I have a better perspective on juicing now. Also too, I realize that I am not missing out on anything when I juice. See, I was strongly persuaded to stop juicing by my increasing desire to eat food, which is natural, I am not denying that. But now, after a month or so off of juicing, getting to "taste it all", I see that I am not missing out, or being deprived. Actually, it is quite the opposite. When you stop juicing, your body readjusts and not for the better. So much of our energy goes to digesting food that it zaps us. Also too, I realized some things about myself. From going from juicing where I had total self-control, to coming off the juice to somewhat of a lack of control. I was eating good foods (not as raw as I had desired-hoping I will continue to progress toward more raw), but most of time I was eating until I was full. Not taking the time to eat slowly and let my body signal my brain that I was done. So I am highly considering getting Angela's (Stokes-Monarch) book, Raw Emotions. Maybe I've got issues? Haha. Either way, I'll keep you posted if I get her book and I'll post practical tips she she may give, or just tell you to get your own:)

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