Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Can you say WOW!!

Here is a picture I came across recently (the one on the left). It was taken at Red Lobster in Johnson City, TN last June (2009). Embarrassing!!! Look at me trying to hide my big belly behind my little arm (comparatively little). Oh yeah, I'm the one in the pink..
But wait..there's more:) The picture of a thinner girl in white, yeah, that's me too!! Taken laste week and 45lbs lighter from the last pic. From where I was to where I am now, WOW!! I am very pleased with the results. Hope you are excited too!

~So if you don't know how to go from the SAD diet to Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyle, start small (if you're that kind of person), take baby steps. A wonderful book that has been recommended several times on this blog is the "The RAVE Diet" by Mike Anderson (along with any video of his that you can get your hands on! Especially "Eating"- all available for cheap through You will find his advice very practical for anyone to do. Also, GreenSmoothieGirl (.com) does rock (as Kendra recently mentioned on here). GreenSmoothieGirl too is very practical and whatever you can do to add in Green Smoothies (as she shows you step-by-step online-for FREE) you will do nothing but help yourself and your family... Okay, stepping off my soap-box.. Well, I hope you can see the difference that changing my eating lifestyle has done for me in merely 6 months!!

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  1. Wow V! You look great! I'm very impressed and you are a great inspiration for all of us. Thanks for sharing your story!