Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is Really the END

Now it's say goodbye..
Dottie and I have decided, collectively, to end our juice feasting. And sorry I didn't post sooner to give you a moment to emotionally adjust.. because last night was our First Supper. We bought prunes and soaked them. Then we drank the juice and then ate them, obviously. It was...okay.. I can see that eating truly won't be AS exciting as imagined..well at least if you're JUST eating prunes. But everything raw is making my mouth WATER LIKE CRAZY!! I am so excited. Yesterday morning Dottie and I talked and decided we were going to end our feast on Monday. We hung up the phone around 8a.m. and as the day went on I found I had a new pep in my step. I was feeling a major elevation of emotions. Excited-ness beyond control! About 3:30 I called Dottie to double check our evening plans..and asked how she was feeling knowing that Monday we were going to be done. She said all day she had been on cloud 9! So that's when we decided we would end that evening (last night). So we bought our prunes and you know the rest.

So today we are eating prunes too and will tomorrow, while still drinking our juices. Then the next two days we cut our normal consumption of juices down by 1/2 and eat fresh juicy fruits (strawberries, melons, grapefruit, oranges, etc..). Minus avocados, bananas and those kinds of fruits. Then the next two days (the last juice feast-breaking days) we add in fresh vegetables, and can now enjoy avocados (YEAH!!) and bananas (YEAH!!) and such like that. And that is the end of the juice feast-breaking regimen. Now off to raw world. Will keep you posted on our continued progress, as well as I will be posting pics of meals and the recipes (if anyone asks).

Okay..I will go for now. Dottie is here and we are heading out to the Black Feather (don't worry, it's just for tea;) and we are going to go through some Raw books and pick our meals for the next few we can STAY RAW!! WaHoo!!


  1. Congrats on a monumental achievement, ladies! You need to post some pics so we can see how fab you both look now!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH! Welcome back to the land of the eating. May you never have hunger, may you always have clean water, and may you never eat SAD again! Hugs, Kara