Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The RAVE Diet and Lifestyle book - MUST READ!

I just started reading this book and all I can say is WOW! It's written by the guy that made the 'Eating' DVD, and it's unbelievable! If you haven't seen the Eating DVD, get it and watch it ASAP. It will immediately and forever change the way you look at animal based food products.
Anyway, back to the RAVE book:
On page 4 the author notes that the original 'high-protein' diet book was published in 1864 by an English casket maker named William Banting. Oddly appropriate, as high protein diets such as Atkins, Zone and South Beach have their roots in a casket maker's diet book, and all contribute to heart disease, kidney disease, common cancers, etc., which are among the top causes of death in the US. Coincidence? I think not... this is a very interesting read, with lots of references and footnotes.
So, on a lighter note, this morning's juice was carrot, apple, celery, kale and pineapple. Yummy!
Enjoy your day in a healthy way! :)

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