Monday, September 28, 2009

Is There AnyBody Out There??

Hello ghost town.. I posted the supposed long awaited before/after pictures of Dottie and I, and nobody's seemed to notice.. ??

This weekend Dottie informed me that she wants to juice every Monday for a while. So today she made her juices and is drinking them. Yea for Dottie. I would like to join her in juicing once a week. So I will keep you posted about that. Also, I think I've mentioned this already but will again now, Kendra asked Dottie and I if we would re-evaluate after 1 month of eating, and see if we wanted to juice again for 30 days. The more I think about it I am really loving the idea. It was really enjoyable to see such rapid progress. Also, I have a rash-ish like thing on my face and upper back and neck. It is exactly like the rash I've had the whole time on the backs of my arms. So I am looking forward to helping my body heal more by juicing again. Also, I would still like to get rid of about 20 more pounds of waste that my body is carrying around. So yes, more and more juicing for 30 more days is looking good. Thanks Kendra!!
Okay, the pictures of the two pizzas are from last Thursday. I call them Taco Pizza, I made two just alike. I made my own taco seasoning and sprinkled it on "crumbles" (meatless meat) while it cooked. Then I put marinara sauce on the pizza, sprinkled nutritional yeast on that, then chopped red onions, then the "meat", corn, a little chopped lettuce and tomatoes. The children really liked it. As you can see, the next time I can reduce the amount of "meat" and corn in half, and maybe sprinkly some veggie cheese on it. Either way, it was edible:) As you can see, my girls went straight for their favorite veggies. Corn and tomatoes. Haha.
This picture is of the now infamous Asian Salad and Spring Rolls. Of which I have already got an addiction. Atleast they are mainly veggies fortunately:) The dressing you see in the picture is a must have for the salad. I am in the process of trying to make my own dressing since this is 8oz for $4! So I'm working on that.. Will let you know what I come up with. It will have to pass the test of Dottie and Kendra's taste buds:)
And this last picture is of my "working space". I am sure my kitchen would be closed down with that cell phone where it is.. Haha But nonetheless, you get the idea of my work area. In this picture my juicer is in the same place it has been the whole time I juiced, but as of this weekend it got a new home on the counter.. Anyway, in this picture I was making a personal size Asian Salad. It was RawSome!!


  1. So give us the recipes already! Less jabbering and more mojination please! :) And don't you think Kendra should change her name to KendRAW?

  2. Yes!! That is a great suggestion. Kendra is now the infamous...KendRAW:)