Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here's The Pics You've Been Waiting For:)

This is my friend Dottie you guys have heard so much about! (See she is real:) She went 70 days of nothing but straight juices, and a little bit of raw honey and herbal teas from time to time, and lost 45 pounds!! What an accomplishment!! She is looking awesome, I hope this picture expresses it. You would have to meet her and see her in action to understand the Real Dottie!! She is amazing!
Through Juice Feasting she has overcome many ailments. Her skin hurt to the touch, she was dealing with symptoms that were like fibromyalsia, had major back pains, leg pains, headaches..she'd have to fill you in on the rest. Every morning she spent a lot of time on a heat pack, trying to get ready for the day. Now ALL of back pain isn't gone, but it is nothing like it was. She feels and looks ALIVE! Her skin is glowing and she is radiant. She is such an inspiration, even for me and I feasted with her. Oh..and she just turned 50 on Sunday, but she doesn't look a day over 29!! I love you Dottie!!! You look fabulous!

If you want a better view of the pictures, just double click on them. Once I get a decent picture of myself I will post my before and afters.

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  1. Dottie - Wow! You look fabulous! Great job!