Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here You Go...

Hello All. Here are my before and after pictures.. Blah.. It's very embarrassing for me to post that, knowing some of my friends are going to be seeing it. But..unfortunately they had to live through seeing me I guess it's all good. So..doesn't it look like I am wearing a fat suit in the first picture?? Go ahead and say it...I know what you are thinking.

So what do you think of the difference?? Can you see a difference? I hope so!
Well today Dottie and I "weighed in", now that we are officially passed the feast-breaking. We figured we would gain about 5 pounds. So how much have we gained?? Drum roll please... We both have only gained 1 pound!!! Can you believe it?! So I am assuming that within the next day or so, after our bodies are more fully adjusted to eating, at that point, so long as we maintain raw or extremely high raw (say 90%).. we will start losing weight again. That is exciting. So I will keep you posted!
Last night Kendra made dinner for Dottie and I. We had Sushi Rolls made from Nori (seaweed) and an Asian Salad with a Ginger Dressing. IT WAS RAWSOME!! The Rolls were stuffed with jicama (she food processed it into rice), alfalfa sprouts, avocado, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and shiitake mushrooms marinated in a little olive oil and Nama Shoyu (organic raw soy sauce). Totally delicious! We had the Ginger Dressing to dip with and another sauce, but I forget what that was called. Anyhow, dinner was so wonderful! Oh, and keep in mind that Dottie and I have had NO alcohol in over 2 months, so Kendra (and her hubby) got some Sake and added blended and strained pear (and I think peach) to it, chilled. Yeah..Our night was 5 star all the way! Thanks Kendra. You're the coolest ever! Keep Rawkin it:)


  1. Girl, you look fab! I think we're all just in shock and forgot to comment, so here's my woohoo for you! :)

  2. You're too kind! It's been such a journey. And actually, it's looking like we are reving(sp?) our juicing engines.