Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Food Police

We don't have much time to get our immune systems built up. As I watch the news and the sky (the spraying) something big is coming. Too many of us are not taking it seriously. Granted we can't prevent everything and perfect health is not possible in this system.
I still can't believe how many times I watch my friends eat something covered in cheese and within an average of 20 minutes they are sick and usually say "My allergies are bad this season." or "I wonder what I'm allergic to here". They say it as if they have absolutely no idea what just sent their immune system into overload. People still think their diet and health are two different things, as if mucus only comes from outside pollens.
How long are you going to cripple your immune system? How many times can you say "I never eat like this." as you eat another cheeseburger or pizza and try to minimize it to yourself? With the 'flu season' near, do you really want to try it with an overloaded, broken immune system?
I know many people say to not be too hard on yourself or that you can't scrutinize every bite you take. But too many people have the habit of constantly letting themselves 'off the hook' and then it becomes their daily routine. They constantly put off the weight loss or detox thinking it's too hard or that their body is just not up to it. Nonsense! Stop being so lazy and take control of your health, enough excuses.
Everyday that you are still unhappy with your weight or your health is your choice. I know this is harsh but most people put more thought into what they're going to watch on TV than their health. Stop relying on doctors to fix you, they don't have the answers. If you are still consuming any animal proteins, dairy, msg, aspartame, processed foods, packaged foods, artificial foods, fast foods, or too much cooked foods you haven't 'tried everything' as people often tell me. Start replacing these things in your diet with raw fruits and vegetables and see for yourself how your body can repair itself.


  1. Wow! Harsh but true...

  2. I love it! What a well said post! It's becoming more and more obvious that We Are What We Eat!! (I love that saying) I just hope our friends wake up and have time to help improve their health before all heck breaks lose! It's only going to get worse in this system, so whatever we can do to help ourselves, family and friends is wonderful!