Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 71~ Blendtec Is HERE

The first two pictures you see of pizza's are what my family had for dinner last night. I just looked at the pics and they are quite colorless:( Sorry there aren't more veggies on it. Anyhow, I used organic crusts (2-$3.50 at Meijers) and some simple foods with them. Our local Library has the book "The UNcook Book" by Juiano, and I used the raw recipes for the "sauce". I used our Walmart blender to mix them (that will be the LAST time of that:). For the first pizza I made a Pesto (which included an avocado) and I mixed it in the blender while my oldest daughter brushed the crust with olive oil. Then we spread the sauce on the crust. My daughter shredded tofu mozzarella cheese and then sprinkled it on top of the sauce. I added just a few chopped up pieces of sun-dried tomatoes (that way if they didn't like it they could pick it off easier). The second one was a b-b-q sauce from the book. I didn't have everything it called for so I improvised. (It asked for dill, I used thyme, it called for mustard I dunno, I used dried mustard, it called for raisins, I used a tbls of agave.) While the first pizza cooked I sauteed about 1/3 white onion and 3 large garlic cloves, then added Quorn (the brand) fake chicken. When it was nearly done cooking I added a few tbls of the b-b-q sauce in with the chicken to coat it, then scooped the mixture out onto the pizza that we coated with the b-b-q. Now THAT one was a hit with the family, though I made them have 1 piece of the pesto pizza before they got 1 piece of the other. Even today, two of our friend tried the left over pizza and LOVED IT. My husband loved both of them too:)

~The blender we ordered is HERE! Yeah. Right now Chris (hubby) is reading the book that comes with the blender.. He still has a ways to go:) ~the book is not interested in OUR health. It's to appeal to the average Joe on the SAD diet. Anyhow, I'm totally excited to have the blender..though the funny thing is, where I can't have any concoction out of it right now, I'm a tad disinterested.. Once my hubby gets it cranked up tho I'll be all over it:) Oh, I too bought a new book, I got it yesterday at Hastings. It's called RAWvolution by Matt Amsden. I've been reading through it and I am really liking the recipes in it. I love how he mentions using a blender and a juicer for most things. Our next journey (Kendra and I) is to get a Spiral Slicer. They retail for $35 but we've found them for $15 on ebay.

Oh!!! While out in service today we spotted a sign that said "Produce". And of course we HAD to stop. It was Kendra and I (along with several others). We spent $11 we got 2 watermelons, 4 HUGE sweet potatoes, about 25 red tomatoes, and about 50 peppers (all colors)!! There could be more of the tomatoes and peppers, but we didn't stop and count them. The picture I have on here is just what I got. Keep in mind you're not seeing what Kendra bought (which combined totals the $11:) .

I guess I'll go for now. No weight change and no other real changes.. But I am doing good all in all. I stepped on the scale a little while ago (which I never do at night and get all concerned about it).. I was impacted by realizing that for the the LONGEST time the scale NEVER moved, unless it was going up. So while I feel my weight is stagnant, I do realize that 2 months ago I was pushing 180! And that does make me feel good about myself. It's nice to finally know (and my body shows) that what I am doing is the BEST thing for my body. It feels really good to be so sure of what you are doing. You know what I'm talking about..

Okay..One last picture. This is the pulp after making 2 vegetable juices. Carrots, celery, cucumber, cilantro, peppers, tomatoes, chard. I thought I would save it and make a broth from it, but the colors are so beautiful together so I figured I'd post them:)

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